International Career Workshop - by The Career Guide

Are you interested in an international career?

It's a perfect idea: study international relations or security studies, finish your degree and then work in a European country and live abroad. Maybe do that for a few years, rotate your position through Europe, work, explore, and travel the world. The idea is terrific, but as you're nearing your graduation or even if you've been in the workforce a few years now... getting the job is still proving difficult.

The problem - the whole "international" career thing is confusing, complicated, and not like an average job search. What you're trying to do is not "average", so "average" advice isn't helping.

The more "traditional" career advice has been constructive to allow you to refresh your resume. Still, it's not helping in your search to find open international positions and figure out how these organizations hire people. Your gut is telling you there's just something different about the international process than what you've experienced in the past.

It's not just the openings and the application process, but there's frustration when you don't understand the hiring process, contracts, or have the slightest idea about how to manage an international career.

Understand international opportunities

You have searched, and you have applied. Jobs you find are a perfect fit, but you never hear anything after you apply. It feels like hours lost on an application that disappeared off into space. Did it go anywhere? Did anyone read it?

There is so little advice for people like you who want an international career. And regular career advice just doesn't fit this problem. You've already heard about resumes and internships. How do you get ahead? How do you find answers?

Our free Workshop is designed to help you get started. You will learn how to locate exciting job opportunities, understand different structures, and work opportunities in international organizations.

After the workshop you will: Know who the main international organizations are. Know how to locate their offices, departments, and missions. Understand if you want to work in the HQ or a field office. Have understood a system to identify new international job openings. Understand why the international market is so competitive. Understand the length of time required for the hiring process.

What else is included? Exclusive insider information and insights Walkthrough sessions for how to do a job search How to research international organizations Career management tips, advice, and job description tips An insider view on how to get the first position and where to look

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